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The World Needs Support Roller Bearing.

When the world needs to roll in its wheels, support roller bearings are there. Support bearings are such a necessary part of any machine that it’s hard to imagine machines without them. Support bearings are an essential part of a variety of industrial machines, for example, cranes, excavators, mills, and others. There is nothing better than a quality roller bearing. And there is nothing we won’t do to support our customers!

Support Roller Bearing Made Easy

When you want to support more than just the weight of an object, use a support roller bearing. The support roller bearing with its thick-walled outer ring can accommodate static misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing.

How a Support Roller Bearing is made is much like that of any cylindrical roller bearing. The only difference is that the inner and outer rings have longer barrel-shaped rollers supported by a cage.

We have a large machine that receives materials like iron and aluminum, then adds carbon steel through a series of operations, including forging and quenching. Next, we assemble the support roller bearing using the components (the inner ring, outer ring, and rollers) and add grease to the bearing to protect it from dust, dirt, and water. The final step is testing the support roller bearing for hardness, geometry, noise level, vibration level, shock resistance level, and rotation accuracy.

All bearings are tested in-house and only the highest quality get shipped.

Support Roller Bearing Made Easy
Superior Support Rollers, Superior Quality

Superior Support Rollers, Superior Quality

It’s only natural that we’d want to find the best possible support bearing. Sounds like an easy task right? When you’re faced with so many options, where do you begin? We’ve done a lot of research and testing in order to learn everything that we could about support roller bearings. Whether you’re looking for guidance on your next purchase, or just want more information; this would be helpful for you.


When you’re looking for quality brand support roller bearing products, there’s one thing you can count on. TOTALBEARING can help you with your support roller bearing needs, no matter how big or small. Communication is key. That’s why the team at TOTALBEARINGS is always available to discuss your support roller bearing needs with you, whether it’s via email, phone, or just a quick in-person visit to our location, so give us a call today!


We have the absolute best selection of support roller bearings for sale anywhere in the world. For nearly any challenge, we have you covered! Competitively priced support roller bearings await you.

You're always in motion, we always have your needed bearing!

Our product comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Straight Roller Bearing
Provides a smooth, low friction surface. 
Stainless Steel Roller Bearing
It is more reliable, durable, and non-rusting.
Support Roller Bearing

Serving Your Industry with Quality and Excellence.

important of support roller bearings
important of support roller bearings

If you’ve ever ridden at top speed on a roller coaster, you can imagine how important support roller bearings are. These bearings are designed to take on a large amount of weight and friction, making them ideal for high-stress applications. However, they can also be delicate and require careful handling during installation. To install a support roller bearing, first, line up the bearing with the shaft. Next, lubricate the inner shaft and the Bearing housing bore with a small amount of lubricant. Using a press or other tool, slowly and evenly seat the bearing onto the shaft. Once the bearing is seated, apply more lubricant to the exposed surfaces. Finally, tighten any retaining hardware in place to secure the bearing. Proper installation, combined with a few other considerations, will result in years of smooth operation from your support roller bearings.

Keeping your support roller bearings clean is important for ensuring smooth operation and preventing damage. Follow these simple suggestions to keep your bearings in the best condition possible:

  1. Use clean, fresh oil when lubricating your bearings. Old, dirty oil can cause debris to build upon the bearing surface.
  2. Periodically check the bearings for debris and clean them as necessary. A soft-bristled brush should be used to remove light particles on the tile, while a stiff-bristled brush should be used to scrub away heavier dirt.
  3. Inspect the seals regularly and replace them if they are damaged or worn. Damaged seals can allow dirt and moisture to enter the bearing, causing premature wear.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your support roller bearings remain

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Support Roller Bearing

Support Roller BearingFits in All Industries

The support roller bearing is a crucial part of heavy machinery and equipment. It is used in all industries, from agricultural equipment to automotive production to construction equipment.

TOTALBEARINGS has a wide variety of sizes and types of bearings to choose from. Since you’re looking for support roller bearings, you know they are cylindrical shaped and have a larger diameter than their width. They are used in the rotary kiln or rotary dryer in the mineral industry and (depending on the type) can be used for dust-proofing or heat resistance purposes.

Other industries that use support roller bearings include:

The steel industry: Support rollers are used to hold the rolls in place during heavy loads

The mining industry: Support rollers help maintain stability for mining trucks and excavators

The sugar industry: Support rollers are used to hold material during refining processes

No matter your industry, you can find an application for our support roller bearing kits.

Support Roller Bearing Heavy-duty
Support the outer ring rotation to reduce the load on the shaft.
Support Roller Bearing Larger Load Amplitudes
Larger Load Amplitudes
Can support larger loads and amplitudes than smaller bearings. 
Support Roller Bearing Robust
One of the most highly durable bearings available.
Support Roller Bearing High Toughness
High Toughness
Enhance bearing rigidity and support capacity.

The Power of High-Quality Support Roller Bearing

Do you ever stop to wonder how powerful the support roller bearing is? You’re not alone. How many people can say that they can’t live without one of these? If we didn’t have them, we’d have to find another way to make our lives a little easier, and that isn’t always easy. I think it’s time we came together and realized just how powerful they are.

They are designed to achieve a long service life with low maintenance requirements. Despite being durable, they do require some care to function properly. The inner rings of the bearing must be kept free of contaminants, such as dirt, dust, and water. To be on the safe side, the bearing needs to be properly greased to protect it from damage. High-quality support roller bearings can be used in a variety of applications, including conveyors, packaging equipment, and printing presses. In each case, they provide reliable performance and long-term durability. As a result, high-quality support roller bearings are an important part of any well-functioning industrial operation.

The Importance of Support Roller Bearing in a Vast Industry

When looking into the vast array of different roller bearings available, or even just considering the name of them, is somewhat intimidating. Especially when you consider how each one performs differently under different types of load conditions, and your particular application might require a certain type of performance.

In every industry, there are several vital components that work together to keep the operation running smoothly. In the case of support roller bearing, it is no different. This type of bearing is used in various industries to keep equipment properly maintained. Some of the places you will find support roller bearings include steel mills, paper mills, and other plants where large machinery is utilized. The main purpose of this bearing is to keep the rollers in place while they are spinning. This prevents damage to the equipment and keeps it functioning correctly. Additionally, support roller bearings help to extend the life of the equipment by reducing wear and tear. Considering how essential they are to various industries, it is clear to see why support roller bearings are so important.

What’s the Difference Between Support Roller Bearing?

Roller bearings come with their own set of ups and downs. But the most common type is the support roller bearing, which is often used in tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery. Support roller bearings are designed to provide a low-friction surface for moving parts, and they can withstand a high degree of wear without any problems being noticeable. However, they are not as efficient as other types of roller bearings and can cause excessive vibration if not adequately maintained. Another type of roller bearing is the self-aligning roller bearing, which is commonly used in automotive applications. Self-aligning roller bearings have the ability to compensate for misalignment, making them ideal for use in vehicular applications where there is a risk of components becoming misaligned. Finally, there are thrust roller bearings, which are designed to provide support for high-speed applications.

Find the Best Support Roller Bearing for Your Needs

TOTALBEARINGS is the leading supplier of support roller bearings. Don’t let us bore you with our talk about our support roller bearings. Whether you need a roller bearing for a heavy-duty application or a light-duty application, we have the right support roller bearing for you. At our website, you can find a full catalogue of industrial bearings, including super-precision bearings and ultra-high-speed bearings. TOTALBEARINGS is your one-stop-shop for all your bearing needs. Contact us today to find the right support roller bearing for your application.

What makes a support roller bearing so supportive?

The design of a support roller bearing makes it useful for supporting radial and axial loads. The bearings can be separated by the type of roller, the number of rollers, or the direction in which the rollers run.

Support roller bearings support cars and yes, they support all kinds of other machines, too. They come in a range of sizes and can be customized to fit your workspace.

How a support roller bearing is different from other bearings?

If you’re wondering how a support roller bearing is different from other bearings, the answer lies in their design and intended purpose. Support roller bearings are designed to provide unmatched support and stability for loads that are heavier and/or move more slowly than what other types of bearings can handle. This makes them ideal for applications such as large equipment, conveyor belts, and pumps. They can also be found in some automotive applications. Other types of bearings may be better suited for lighter loads or those that move more quickly. Choosing between various types of bearings is a snap—if you understand which factors to consider.

What are the upsides of using a support roller bearing?

Support roller bearings are used to support the rotating shafts in many machines. They reduce friction and wear on the shafts, and they also help to keep the shafts in alignment. The result is ever-more efficient and effective operations.

Extending lifespans by reducing wear and tear on machinery, support roller bearings play a vital role in moving machinery. They are an essential part of any machine that relies on rotating shafts, and they provide significant benefits for both industrial and personal use.

How does a support roller bearing improve the performance of an assembly? 

A support roller bearing helps improve the performance of an assembly by evenly distributing the load across the bearing, which reduces wear and tears on the bearing. This allows the assembly to function more smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, a support roller bearing can also help protect sensitive components from damage.

How does a support roller bearing work? 

A support roller bearing typically consists of a cylindrical outer race, inner race, and rolling elements (balls or rollers). The races are separated by the rolling elements, which contact the races as they rotate. This type of bearing is used to reduce friction and allow one part to rotate freely around another.

The outer race is fixed in place, while the inner race rotates around it. The rolling elements rotate between the two races, providing a smooth surface for the parts to move against. It makes the parts last longer and keeps everything running more smoothly. Support roller bearings, which represent a large portion of the world’s bearing sales and are manufactured with precision-ground steel rolling elements, are often found in equipment that moves or vibrates a lot.

Where can you find a support roller bearing?

If you’re looking for a support roller bearing, your best bet is to check out TOTALBEARINGS. Their extensive inventory of bearings and other mechanical parts means you’re sure to find what you need. Plus, they offer great customer service, so if you have any questions or problems, someone will be there to help you out.

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