Skateboard Bearing

Skateboard Bearing
Skateboard Bearing

Skateboard bearings are small, yet essential components that significantly impact the overall performance and feel of your ride. These circular, metal or ceramic pieces are designed to fit inside each skateboard wheel, allowing them to rotate smoothly and efficiently around the axle. With a variety of options available, skateboard bearings cater to different preferences in terms of speed, durability, and precision.

Constructed with an inner and outer ring, balls, and a cage to hold the balls in place, skateboard bearings are specifically engineered to reduce friction and enable a seamless gliding experience. They are commonly rated using the ABEC scale, which measures their precision and manufacturing tolerances, ultimately influencing the ride quality.

The Top 5 Skateboard Bearings Brands to Boost Your Performance

Skateboard Bearing Brands
Skateboard Bearing Brands

Discover the top 5 skateboard bearing companies that can elevate your skating best bearings for skateboards experience to new heights. These industry-leading brands have earned their reputation for producing the best bearing for skateboard, delivering unmatched quality, precision, and durability.

  • TOTALBEARINGS: TOTALBEARINGS is a renowned name in the world of skateboarding, offering high-quality bearings that cater to both beginners and professional skaters. Their innovative designs and advanced materials ensure a smooth, fast, and consistent ride, making them a top choice among skateboard enthusiasts.
  • Bones Bearings: With decades of experience, Bones Bearings has become synonymous with high-performance skateboard bearings. Their Swiss and Ceramic bearings are known for their superior speed, longevity, and low maintenance requirements, earning them a loyal following among skateboarders worldwide.
  • Bronson Speed Co.: As a relatively new player in the skateboard bearing market, Bronson Speed Co. has quickly made a name for itself with its cutting-edge bearing technology. Their G3 and RAW series bearings boast unique features such as frictionless shields and micro grooves for enhanced speed and durability.
  • Independent Genuine Parts: A trusted brand in the skateboarding community, Independent Genuine Parts offers a range of precision bearings designed for long-lasting performance. Their bearings are crafted with high-quality materials and rigorous quality control standards, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride.
  • Zealous Bearings: Zealous Bearings is known for its innovative approach to skateboard bearings, featuring built-in spacers and speed rings for hassle-free installation and optimal performance. Their ceramic and steel bearings deliver a perfect balance of speed, durability, and affordability, making them a popular choice among skaters of all levels.

Upgrade your skateboard bearings with one of these top brands and experience a noticeable improvement in your performance, whether you’re cruising the streets or mastering tricks at the skatepark. Investing in the best skateboard bearings from reputable skateboard bearing companies is a surefire way to elevate your ride and enjoy the sport to its fullest.

Installation of Skateboard Bearing

Skateboard Bearings Installation
Skateboard Bearings Installation

Installing skateboard bearings is a straightforward process that can be done with a few simple tools and steps. By following these guidelines for skateboard bearings install, you can ensure your bearings are properly installed, allowing for optimal performance and a smooth ride.

  1. Gather your tools and materials: You will need a skateboard with wheels and trucks, new skateboard bearings, a skate tool or wrench, and a bearing press or an alternative method for pressing the bearings (such as a truck axle).
  2. Remove the wheels: Using the skate tool or wrench, loosen the axle nuts on the trucks until you can slide the wheels off the axles. Set the axle nuts and washers aside for later.
  3. Remove the old bearings: If your wheels already have bearings installed, gently pry them out using the truck axle or a bearing removal tool. Position the wheel at an angle on the axle, and apply pressure to the wheel until the bearing pops out. Repeat for all wheels.
  4. Clean the wheels (optional): If your wheels are dirty or have debris in the bearing seat, take a moment to clean them with a soft cloth or brush before installing the new bearings.
  5. Install the new bearings: Place a bearing on the truck axle with the shield side facing outward. Align the wheel’s bearing seat with the bearing, and press the wheel down onto the bearing until it is fully seated. Flip the wheel over, place the second bearing on the axle, and repeat the process. Ensure both bearings are securely in place and sit flush with the wheel.
  6. Reattach the wheels: Slide the wheels back onto the truck axles, making sure the bearings are not pinched or misaligned. Place the washers and axle nuts back onto the axles, and tighten them with the skate tool or wrench. Make sure the wheels can spin freely without wobbling or excessive friction.
  7. Test your skateboard: After completing the installation process, give your skateboard a test ride to ensure the bearings are working smoothly and providing the desired performance.

By properly installing your skateboard bearings, you can enjoy a faster, smoother ride and potentially extend the life of your bearings and wheels. With practice and familiarity, this process will become quick and easy, allowing you to maintain and upgrade your skateboard with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Skateboard Bearing

Skateboard Bearing FAQs
Skateboard Bearing FAQs
  1. What is the standard skateboard bearing size?

The standard skateboard bearing size is 608, which has an 8mm inner diameter, a 22mm outer diameter, and a 7mm width. This size is universally used across all types of skateboards, longboards, and inline skates.

  1. How many bearings do I need for a complete skateboard setup?

A complete skateboard setup requires a total of 8 bearings, with 2 bearings per wheel (4 wheels in total). Each wheel needs one bearing on each side to function smoothly.

  1. How do I choose the right skateboard bearings for my needs?

When selecting skateboard bearings, consider factors such as ABEC rating, material (steel or ceramic), lubrication, and price. Research different brands and read product reviews to find the best skateboard bearings that suit your preferences and budget.

  1. How often should I clean and maintain my skateboard bearings?

The frequency of cleaning and maintenance depends on how often you skate and the conditions you ride in. Generally, it’s recommended to clean and lubricate your skateboard bearings every 3-6 months or when you notice a decrease in performance, excessive noise, or grittiness when spinning the wheels.

Best Skateboard Bearing
Best Skateboard Bearing
  1. Do higher ABEC-rated bearings always provide a better performance?

A higher ABEC rating indicates greater precision and manufacturing tolerances. However, it doesn’t always guarantee better performance for skateboarding, as factors such as material, lubrication, and shielding also influence the bearing’s speed and durability. Some skateboarders prefer specialized skate-rated bearings over high ABEC-rated ones.

  1. Can I use inline skate bearings on my skateboard?

Yes, inline skate bearings and skateboard bearings share the same standard size (608), making them interchangeable between skateboards and inline skates.

  1. What is the difference between steel and ceramic skateboard bearings?

Steel bearings are typically more affordable and durable, while ceramic bearings offer reduced friction, heat resistance, and a faster, smoother ride. Skaters often choose between these materials based on personal preferences and budget.

  1. How can I prolong the lifespan of my skateboard bearings?

To extend the life of your skateboard bearings, perform regular cleaning, lubrication, and maintenance. Avoid skating through water, sand, or dirt, as these elements can cause corrosion and damage to the bearings. Always store your skateboard in a dry, cool environment when not in use.


Best Skateboard Bearing
Best Skateboard Bearing


Skateboard Bearing
Skateboard Bearing

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