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About NTN Bearing

The very first NTN ball bearings were manufactured in 1918 by industrialist Noboru Niwa, his marketing company Tomoe Trading Corporation., and engineer Jiro Nishizono. NTN bearing meaning is a Japanese company that specializes in bearings, gears, and other products used in machinery. NTN Bearing company provides innovative solutions for your needs.

By 1939, NTN bearing had built Kuwana Works, which became the company’s global production headquarters, or in 1954, NTN was also the first Japanese industrial producer to receive the coveted Deming Prize for reliability engineering. All through the 1950s and 1960s, NTN continued to expand, with new plants being established and operational management expanding to Europe.

NTN Bearing Corporation of America was founded in 1963 to assist NTN bearing sales in the United States. Ball NTN bearing, cylindrical, spherical NTN bearing, needle NTN bearing, and tapered, as well as automobile uniform speed joints, were now available from the company. NTN purchased the Bower TM trademark from Federal-Mogul Corp in the mid-1980s, boosting the industry’s tapered and cylindrical roller bearings range. NTN bought BCATM from Federal-Mogul 10 years later to add automobile clutching releasing bearings and specialist agronomic bearing components to its brand portfolio. With seven new North American operations, the prosperity has extended into the modern era. In 2008, NTN finalized a two-year phased investing in French bearings producer SNR, gaining a majority interest in the company.

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NTN Bearing

NTN has grown its product portfolio throughout the course of the more than 100 years of business to properly improve our services. Consider our heritage and the top brands available only of NTN.

NTN bearing 2
NTN Bearings

NTN's BCA Bearings

It has been delivering tire end solution in America for almost a generation. NTN bearing now owns BCA. NTN’s Elgin, Illinois plant, as the #1 provider of OE-quality hub components, supplies more than 30% of the requirement for North American OE automobile manufacturing.

This offers BCA the benefit of being able to provide extremely substitute components that match or exceed OE technical criteria in the afterwards. NTN bearing use this knowledge to provide continuous integration covering for both internal and overseas name tags.

NTN Bower Heavy Duty Bearings

Bower heavy-duty OE and aftermarket bearings are among the leaders in the market, with such a long, distinguished, and expanding legacy of good product breakthroughs and milestones.

Bower tapered roller bearings are manufactured in Macomb, Illinois, and Hamilton, Alabama, and are known for their dependability and effectiveness in the harsh environment of large rigs as well as other hardworking automobiles.

NTN Bearings 2
NTN Bearings 3


Constant-velocity joints, longitudinal modules, distributive rollers, suspension bushings, and related training and services are all provided by NTN SNR. When NTN and SNR merged in 2006, SNR was able to expand its company globally while boosting its market dominance in Europe.

NTN and SNR provide OE and aftermarket services to the automotive and construction industries all over the world.

Quality Bearings for Industrial and Commercial Applications

The NTN bearing list includes a variety of ball bearings, roller bearings, and linear bearings, as well as specialty bearings for specific industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

URB Bearing-2
URB Bearing is made with only the best materials, so you can rest assured that your product will last for years to come.
NSK Bearing (1)
NSK bearings are the world's leading supplier of rolling bearings and linear technology.
KOYO Bearing
Koyo bearing is a leading manufacturer of high quality bearings.
INA Needle Bearing
They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet the needs of different applications, and they are easy to install and maintain.
TIMKEN bearing
TIMKEN bearings are high-quality, precision-engineered components that are used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.
FAG Bearing
FAG bearings are made from high-quality materials and are manufactured using advanced production techniques to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting.

NTN Bearing: Durable and Reliable Solutions for a Wide Range of Application

NTN Bearing Application
NTN Bearing Application

NTN bearings are designed to provide faultless performance and durability. They are used in a wide range of applications including automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, power generation, marine and construction equipment. NTN Bearing stocks have earned a reputation for quality manufacturing through the use of advanced technologies. Refer to NTN Bearing chart to make sure you use the right bearing for your application.

NTN Bearing Catalog
NTN Bearing Catalog

The NTN Bearing Catalogue has been designed to help you find the right bearing for your application. Browse through our full catalogue of bearings, or search by a specific product category and size. It is used as NTN bearing finder if you want to find a specific bearing for your needs.

NTN bearings are the most durable, reliable and affordable bearings in the world.

NTN Bearing Review
NTN Bearing Review

NTN bearings are an excellent choice for any machine that needs to move. They are made of high-quality steel and are very durable. The NTN Bearing price also offer a great value for their price, as they can be used in many different applications and last for a long time.

NTN Bearing review has a lot of positive feedback from the user.

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NTN Bearing is the Ultimate Gear

NTN Bearing manufacturing is one of the largest bearing manufacturers in the world. They have been in business since 90’s and they have been a leader in the industry ever since. They produce a variety of bearings that are used in various industries around the world.

If you are looking for an NTN Bearing distributor, dealer or manufacturer then look no further than TOTALBEARINGS. We have been serving customers since then and we have helped many companies save time and money by providing them with quality products at an affordable price. We offer fast shipping so you can get your bearings as soon as possible and have a lot of NTN Bearing dealer all over the world.

We carry a wide variety of bearings including angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings just to name a few. Our selection includes different designs such as sealed with grease or open types depending on what type of application you need them for. They come in different sizes ranging from 4mm up to 50mm wide so there is something for everyone!

There are many different types of bearings available on the market today including cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings and more.

There are two main categories of NTN Bearing: firstly there are radial bearings which are designed for use in rotating shaft applications such as automotive drive axles; secondly there are thrust bearings which are designed for use in non-rotating applications such as engine crankshafts or gearboxes.

NTN kits

NTN kits
NTN kits

To serve the heavy-duty truck market, we offer different types of joint kits.

By combining all of the vital elements for a difference rebuilding in one package – all split rebuild bearings, seal, flanges, o-rings, sealants, and threads locker – master gearbox kits provide you a bunch of time. Their “V100” rebuilder variants of our basic kits are also available. These kits use the same fundamental aspects as the other kits, but they don’t include common parts like sealing and o-rings that difference rebuilders keep on hand. This service offers a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly solution to your demands while also preserving your money.


Applications of NTN Bearing

NTN bearing is a worldwide leader in bearings that are important to the rotational parts of many machines, as well as the technology that goes into them. NTN bearing supports a wide variety of industries with its high-quality bearings, from daily electrical appliances in the house to autos, trains, wind turbines, aero planes, and rockets. NTN bearing also uses its advanced technical capabilities to create items such as accuracy devices and facilities.

These are the some of the special applications for INA bearing.




Drive shafts and Hub bearings are critical components in all types of autos.

NTN bearing has the largest market share in drives hafts and hub bearings in the globe. They are required not just for combustion engines (ICEs), or for electric vehicles (EVs) that use rotors.

NTN bearing hub

NTN bearing hub allows tyres to rotate smoothly.


Driveshaft is Rotation-transmitting products from the engine to the tyres.

Industrial Equipment

NTN bearing is with its extraordinary technical skills, contributing to the efficient control of mechanical devices all over the world. NTN bearing manufactures bearings that satisfy the needs of a variety of industries, including long service performance and increased speed. Professional bearings come in a variety of sizes, ranging from a few millimetres for electrical machinery to many metres for generating units.

  • Construction machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Office equipment
  • Electrical equipments

  Electric Automobiles

Electric vehicles (EV) are anticipated to contribute to resource environment and economic protection. NTN has developed different EV system products, beginning with in Motor Control, and has industrialized bearings tailored to EV engines. From manufacturing to services, clients may be assured. In contrast to bearing care supplies, NTN offers services that teach customers how to manage bearings, ensuring that their facilities run smoothly.

 Stock in Motion

NTN Bearing is used for rail axles with high reliability requirements. NTN bearing is utilized on greater speed railways in every country across the world, ensuring train safety at speeds exceeding 300 km/h.

Wind Generators

Wind generators are becoming more popular as a renewable resource. NTN not only manufactures bearings with diameters greater than 2 metres, but also offers the whole package, including technologies that ensure safe heavy machinery.

Mining and Construction Equipment

Construction and mining equipment that works in difficult conditions. NTN bearings are known for their great performance and dependability, as well as their contribution to safe and reliable operations.

Farm Machinery

Agrarian machinery that has been employed in tough circumstances, it begins with mud and water. NTN produces bearings that are long-lasting, robust, and cost-effective.

Tools for Machines

Bearings for NTN machine tools that enable sub-micron precise processing and ultra-high speed rotation. We were able to withstand centrifugal forces and frictional heat because to our excellent design and material technologies.

Office Equipment

Office equipment such as printing and copy machines utilise bearings for rotary sections. NTN offers clutching devices and plastic slide bearings with excellent roughness qualities to ball bearings with excellent heat protection.

Machines for Making Paper

NTN Bearing for paper-making machines that carry a high, strong in a series of operating phases to support increased speed and resistance to high temperatures, among other things. By extending the life of apparatus, NTN bearing addresses these objectives and helps to increased working rates and lower cost of maintenance.

Food Processing

Food processing Equipment requires a hygienic, secure, and protected environment. NTN bearing manufactures plastic bearings, sliding screws, parts conveyors, and other items which do not require lubricating oil.


Robots demands precise and consistent functioning. NTN bearing manufactures bearings for robotics that strong operations and require great stiffness and stress.

Precision Machinery

Beginning with bearings for precise apparatus, NTN also manufactures accuracy machinery such as parts processors using technologies developed via bearing advancement.


Because of surface processing techniques and specific lubricants, NTN bearings may even be utilised in a vacuum. Even within super duper vacuums of 10-10 Pa, NTN vacuum bearings maintain stable rotation.


Gearboxes are utilised in a variety of heavy machinery operations. NTN chooses the bearings after examining all of the specifications, such as increasing efficiency and gearbox minimization.

How does NTN handle critical information?

As vital information, NTN properly manages material susceptible to secret trading restrictions, but also irrefutable financial details prior to posting. If it is discovered that a firm executive or even other employees has communicated important secret knowledge to a business contact identified in the Fair Reporting Rule, NTN swiftly publishes related vital information.

Is NTN able to provide field engineering services? How can I make an appointment?

Our customers receive engineering field support from NTN. To schedule a visit, ask your local NTN salesperson.

Plant-by-plant, how are various bearing designs designed and produced?

NTN has production lines in Asian, the Americans, and Europeans, each of which produces a range of products.

For particular bearing inquiries, contact TOTALBEARINGS

Will BCA parts and schematics be available?

The BCA line of products is still supported by NTN.  NTN manufacturing may create custom prints upon request.

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