• NSK 6202V Bearing (3)
  • NSK 6202V Bearing (4)
  • NSK 6202V Bearing (2)
  • NSK 6202V Bearing
  • NSK 6202V Bearing (3)
  • NSK 6202V Bearing (4)
  • NSK 6202V Bearing (2)
  • NSK 6202V Bearing

NSK 6202V Bearing

Radial and axial loads? No problem. That’s what NSK 6202V bearings are designed for. These ball bearings can handle both kinds of loads, thanks to their deep-groove design and wide contact angle. The result is a bearing that’s both durable and easy to use. Whether you’re dealing with heavy loads or high speeds, NSK 6202V bearings are up to the task. So if you’re looking for a bearing that can handle just about anything, look no further than NSK 6202V.

  • Outside Diameter Inch: 1.378
  • Outside Diameter MM: 35
  • Enclosure Type: Non-Contact Seal
  • Seal Type: 1 Seal

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Outside Diameter Inch 1.378
Outside Diameter MM 35
Enclosure Type Non-Contact Seal
Seal Type 1 Seal
Snap Ring No
Rolling Element Ball Bearing
Precision Class ABEC 1
Cage Material Steel
Internal Fit / Preload C0
Snap Ring Groove No
Outer Race Width Inch 0.433
Outer Race Width MM 11

The NSK 6202V Bearing

NSK 6202V Bearing-5
High Speed Durability


NSK 6202V bearing can be easily installed on any shaft with a press. However, for the uninitiated, the process may seem daunting. The good news is that bearings can be replaced without having to remove the entire shaft.

First, you’ll need to remove the old bearing. For this, you’ll need a press or a hammer and punch set. If using a press, place the shaft in the press so that the bearing is sitting atop the Value Line pilot die. Apply pressure to the handle of the press until the old bearing pops out. If using a hammer and punch set, drive the punch into the outer race of the bearing until it pops out. Be sure not to damage the shaft in the process.

Once the old bearing is removed, clean up any debris from the housing bore and shaft surface. Next, place a new NSK 6202V bearing onto the shaft so that it is sitting flush with the housing bore. Again, using a press or hammer and punch set, drive the new bearing into place until it is seated evenly. That’s it! You’ve now successfully replaced an NSK 6202V.

Choose NSK 6202V for the best in quality and performance! (3)

NSK 6202V Bearing (4)

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Who manufactures NSK 6202V bearing?

NSK is a leading manufacturer of bearings, offering both standard and high-performance products for all types of industries.

What is NSK 6202V bearing?

NSK 6202V bearing is a high-quality bearing, which has many advantages. The most significant advantage is that the bearing has a low noise level and high reliability, making it suitable to be used in the manufacturing of machines and automobiles.

How do you choose a NSK 6202V bearing?

Lots of factors affect your decision to buy NSK 6202V bearings. You should pay attention to price and quality. If you want to get the best cheap NSK 6202V bearings, you can contact us! Our products are durable and have high precision, so they will not let you down!

How do regular and deep groove ball bearings differ?

Regular ball bearings have a slightly larger outer diameter than their inner diameter. This means that they can take up more space, which makes them a good fit for heavier loads.

Deep groove ball bearings, on the other hand, are designed to fit into a smaller space. They’re ideal for applications where there isn’t room for a regular ball bearing.

How can you tell if you need new bearings?

If your model has been damaged or shows signs of wear and tear, it may be time for new bearings. New bearings will ensure that your machine runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come!

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