• Mounted Ball Bearing (4)
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  • Mounted Ball Bearing
  • Mounted Ball Bearing (4)
  • Mounted Ball Bearing (3)
  • Mounted Ball Bearing (2)
  • Mounted Ball Bearing

Mounted Ball Bearings

Mounted Ball Bearing are simple, cost-effective solutions that are easy to use and maintain. The bearings can be bolted directly onto a machine frame or substructure, with no need for the precise machining of bearing housings within casings.

  • Sizes range from ½” – 3”.
  • Installation and maintenance are easy.
  • Our inner races are prepared to be inserted into a shaft.
  • No special tools are required for installation.
  • Operating temperature up to 230° F (with high-temp greases).
  • Housings are made of cast iron, and units are available in ductile iron as well.

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Advantages of Mounted Ball Bearings

Mounted ball bearings play a very vital role in the effective working of machines and their general efficiency. The overall advantages of these devices would be the benefits of ball bearings added to the extra advantage the housings confer on them. Some of these advantages are mentioned below

1. Easy repair and maintenance of the ball bearing

Split housing units make the repair and maintenance of the ball bearings easier and faster. This is due t the fact that the split unit can be disassembled and coupled back together after cleaning the bearings or repairing or replacing them. We provide you with split housing designs to suit your needs.

2. Protective features in the housing

The housing of mounted ball bearings performs the function of protecting the ball bearings in it. In addition, they are also equipped to help the bearings perform better. We have various mounted bearings with housings equipped with various features such as zerks and permanent lubrication to provide a constant supply of grease to the bearings, which in turn helps the device perform better and last longer.

3. Various designs and applications

Because these devices are made of different materials and come in different designs, they have a wide range of applications such as in light and heavy-weight industries, at the end of conveyors, or in intermediate positions. These various bearing designs made to suit your purpose can be found in our stores.

4. Protection from contaminants

Flinger seals present in housings serve the purpose of protecting the ball bearings from contaminants by flinging away such contaminants and preventing them from reaching the bearings. Our mounted bearings come with such features and as such guarantees you the best performance and life span of the products.


Other advantages are given below
  1. They make work easier.
  2. The use of flange bearings removes the need for a bearing seat, and thus reduces cost.
  3. Annealed set screw ports make them more withstanding to mechanical stress and higher torque.
  4. Housings allow for easy installation of bearings and shafts.
  5. The housings also protect the bearings while extending their life span.
  6. They help reduce friction between the moving parts of machines and the stationary ones.
  7. They improve the efficiency and durability of the machine.
  8. They improve the general life span of the machine by reducing wear and tear in the machines.
  9. They also act as support for rotating shafts in machines.
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Mounted Ball Bearing
Mounted Ball Bearing Application

Mounted ball bearings have a wide application in mechanics, ranging from their use in conveyors to their heavyweight application in industries such as construction and mining. Specific applications of this tool are dependent on several factors such as the industry (heavy-weight or light-weight), bearing housing material, cleanliness requirement, etc.

Just like the standard ball bearings, mounted ball bearings serve to greatly reduce friction between the moving parts of the machine and the stationary ones. They also provide a kind of support for the rotating shaft and are used primarily in machines where the shaft is exposed.

These devices are commonly employed in the design of conveyors. However, various types have different applications in various industries. For example, the pillow blocks are commonly employed at the end of conveyor belts while the flange blocks are used at intermediate points.

Cleaning Tips for Mounted Ball Bearing
Cleaning Tips for Mounted Ball Bearing

Mounted ball bearings are usually made from hardened steel, which means they’re pretty tough. But that doesn’t mean you can just ignore them. You’ll want to keep them clean and dry, because they can rust if they get wet or dirty. If you notice your bearings rusting, you can remove the rust with some fine sandpaper and then apply a thin coat of oil or grease to prevent it from happening again.

Checking your bearings is important if you want your engine to run smoothly—and if you want your machine to last long enough for someone else to inherit it when you’re done!

Pillow Block (Plummer Block)

A mounting base, which is perpendicular to the shaft, has been used in most cases. The bolt holes are parallel to the shaft. Pillow block bearings are a type of bearing that can be used on vertical, horizontal, and inclined surfaces. They feature a housing and an insert bearing that is usually self-aligning.

Flanged Cartridge

Mounting units to a vertical surface is a common application for spherical bearings. Cylindrical cartridges are used when the shaft axis is perpendicular to and passes through machined housings.

Take-Up Units

These are used to adjust the distance between the pulleys. There are complete take-up units available for both horizontal and vertical adjustments, as well as top or side mounting.

The World’s Most Complete Range of Mounted Ball Bearings (6)

  • Wide Inner Rings

    This increases the stability and performance of the bearing by reducing the tendency of the bearing to tilt on the shaft in the case of undersized shafting. A wide inner ring also gives the bearing a longer life span.

  • Anti-rotation Device

    This refers to a protrusion on the outer ring of the bearing that goes into a small space in the housing. This feature increases the life of the bearing by preventing the outer ring from spinning inside the housing while allowing the self-alignment of the bearing.

  • Bearing steel

    The steel used for the bearing is very important and critical to the performance and application of the mounted bearing.

  • Flinger Seal

    This increases the level of protection available to the bearing. It is attached to the inner ring and flings away any form of contaminants before reaching the seal.

  • Bearing Retainer

    This is vital in the functioning of the bearings and is sometimes referred to as cage or separator.

  • A pillow block with a set screw locking mechanism

    This refers to how the bearing is connected to the shaft. Choosing a bearing with a very good locking mechanism can help with some problems encountered in the use of bearings such as an undersized or damaged shaft.

Mounted Ball Bearing

Why Choose TOTALBEARINGS for Mounted Ball Bearing?

TOTALBEARINGS is a manufacturer and supplier of Mounted Ball Bearing. We are a one-stop shop for all your needs, providing you with high quality products at competitive prices. Our products are made to last, so you can be confident that they will be durable and reliable.

We have been in this industry for many years and we have gained a lot of experience in manufacturing mounted ball bearings. We offer both standard and customized products according to your requirements.

We have a strong team of professionals who will provide you with excellent customer service and support throughout the entire process.

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Can The Housings Be Damaged?

The housings serve the purpose of protecting the bearings inside from damage and contamination. Therefore, the strength of the material used is very vital. However, housings made with less standard quality steel and other materials are likely to get damaged under high pressure and excessive load.

Therefore, the amount of load and the material used for the housing are two vital parameters to look out for when choosing a mounted bearing.

Where Can They Be Applied?

As already stated, these devices can be used in various applications. The applications are however dependent on the design and material used for construction. Pillow blocks for instance are mostly used at the end of conveyors and in applications where the mounting surface is parallel to the shaft, while flange blocks are used where the mounting surface is perpendicular to the shaft and hanger blocks are used in conveyor belts also.

In general, these devices can be employed in diverse applications that require the transmission of power from one point to another without frictional force reducing the efficiency of the power transmission.

What Material Is Used in Making The Mounted Ball Bearing?

The ball bearings are made of either chrome or stainless steel while the housing can be made of cast iron, thermoplastic, nickel, or plastic. The material used in the making of the mounted ball bearing determines to a large extent its use, along with the design.

What Is The Durability of tThe Mounted Ball Bearing?

Various factors contribute to the durability of the mounted ball bearing. This includes material, maintenance, usage, and features of the device. A sub-standard material used in the production of the device or material not suitable for the intended use of the bearings will ultimately lead to poor durability.

The wrong usage of the device and poor maintenance can also lead to reduced durability. Certain features of the device also help protect it and improve its durability.

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