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INA bearing company is committed to manufacturing high-quality linear components, roller bearings, and plain bearings.

About INA Bearing

Dr. George Schaeffler founded INA Bearing Company in 1946 with his invention of the needle roller bearing with cage arrangement. This was a significant achievement in the bearing sector, and INA began to progress new technology. INA Bearing Company takes advantage of this learning to offer a very well, high-quality product that is also affordable to the average consumer. The Schaeffler Group’s INA Bearing Company is a branch of The Schaeffler Group. INA is committed to manufacturing roller bearings, high-quality, and plain bearings. With their extensive variety of manufactured parts developed for the complex internal workings of automobile engines, transmissions, and motor trains, INA Bearing Company also serves the automotive sector.

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INA Bearing

Creation of the needle roller and cage combination in 1949 by INA bearings was an massive industrial penetration. INA bearing, needle roller bearing In the VW Beetle’s engine was started to use as substitute of plain bearings from 1952. INA bearing, engines and transmission components are almost part of every modern vehicle in this era.

INA bearing comes in diverse sizes and material. These advanced bearings are very flexible in term of use and reliability. INA bearings are uniquely designed that’s why they are easy to assemble.

INA bearing

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INA Needle Bearing
Needle roller bearing have a long history as reliable machine components for creating radically compact bearing systems with great load - bearing capacity.
INA Ball Bearing
The INA industrial ball bearing line is serviced by National Precision Bearing. INA bearing offers Angular contact ball bearings, deep groove, four-point contact, self-aligning, spindle, and other types of ball bearings.
INA Plain Bearing
The INA bearing company has a large selection of maintenance-free plain bearing.
INA roller bearing
Solid inlet and outlet rings, as well as cylindrical roller and cage components, make up single-row cylindrical roller bearings with cage.
INA Bearing, Plain Bronze and Plain Steel Bearing
Maintenance is required in plain bearings and rod end designs. But Steel with steel and steel with bronze material combinations are simple to maintain, economical, and well-suited to irregular loads.
INA linear motion bushing bearing
A precision bearing that is designed to provide reliable performance with low friction and high load capacity.
Applications of INA Bearing

INA: The World's Leading Bearing Brand

Cylindrical Roller INA Bearing
Cylindrical Roller INA Bearing

There are various applications for cylindrical bearings.

  • Airframe or aircraft controls
  • Aerospace
  • Agribusiness
  • Automobiles
  • Ball screw support
  • Gadget
  • Miniature
  • Clinical
  • Dentists
  • Defense
  • Pumps
  • Spindles
  • High precision machines
  • Sports
  • Basic consumer goods

These are the some of the special applications for INA bearing.

Ina bearings are the world’s leading manufacturer of ball and roller bearings. INA bearing catalog offer a wide range of products, from high-quality standard bearings to custom-made components. By combining our superior technology with decades of experience, we can provide you with the perfect solution for your application with our INA bearing catalogue.

We are committed to providing the best possible service and support for all our customers. Whether you have an urgent requirement or would like to discuss your needs in more detail, we will be delighted to help you with your enquiry.

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INA Bearing, Plain Bronze and Plain Steel Bearing

INA Bearing bronzes have a wide range of qualities, including strength, elasticity, stiffness, fatigue strength, anti-seizing capabilities, low friction, and the ability to conform to imperfections, as well as the capacity to withstand filthy operating conditions and polluted lubricants. Bearing bronzes have better durability than other contains essential and could be chosen to suit adverse environmental conditions. There are many types of bearings in use in wind generators, but we’d like to focus on the “driven shaft bearings,” which accept wind and transmit rotation to the engine. Bronzes provide for simple and cost-effective manufacturing, enabling bearings to be created in unique and customized configurations. Lead – based and high-leaded bearing bronzes offer the best mach inability of any bearing material. A bearing bronze can mostly be found to suit any bearing requirement. These bearing are mostly used in

  • Machines for packaging
  • Automotive Power Equipment
  • household appliances
  • Motor starters

INA bearing distributor is focused on making sure you have the bearings you need, when you need them. We know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, so we stock a wide variety of bearings at competitive prices and make sure they get delivered fast.

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Is it possible to recondition INA bearings?

Yes, and it is conditional… In general, attempting to repair a bearing item for small bearings is economically unfeasible. Therefore, there may be cost savings for bearings with greater bore sizes (6 inches and up). Swiveling rings, cylindrical roller bearings, and spherical roller bearings, in particular, are suitable for refurbishment. However, in addition to accumulated wear, numerous other elements such as repair cycles, lubricants, environmental aspects, and more play a role in this financial decision.

What is the shelf life of INA bearing?

Lubrication is the most essential factor in determining the shelf life of a “well stored” bearing. Grease and oils have expiry dates.

Otherwise, as long as the bearing is stored properly (usually in its original configuration packing), pollution and oxidation will have a minor impact on the bearing’s lifespan.

Is it necessary to clean the bearings before installing them?

The bearing surface is covered with anti-rust lubrication, which must be properly cleaned with pure gasoline or petroleum prior installation and operation, followed by the application of clean high-temp or extreme high lubricating grease. Cleaning has a significant impact on rolling bearing life and vibration noise. However, we must emphasize that the tightly sealed bearings do not require cleaning or refueling.

How do you build and remove it?

During fitting, avoid hammering the INA bearing end face and non-stressed surface directly. Use a pressure block, sleeve, or other installation tools (tooling) to equally stress the bearing and avoid installing it using the rolling element’s driving power. The installation will be smoother if the installation surface is treated with lube oil. If the friction is severe, the bearing must be immersed in mineral oil and quickly heated to 80°C. To prevent the tempering impact from lowering the hardness and damaging the size recovery, the oil heat must be closely maintained not to exceed 100°C. When disassembling is difficult, it is suggested that you are using the dismantling equipment to pull out all the inner core and cautiously shower hot oil on it. The rolling bearing’s enclosure will extend as a result of the warmth, making it much easier to slide off.

How do you select grease?

Lubricant has a significant impact on INA bearing performance and lifespan. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic principles of lubrication choosing. Base oil, thickening, and additives make up lubrication grease. Multispectral and varieties of lubricating grease of same type have extremely different functionality. The maximum rotational speed varies. Please be cautious when making your selection. The grease’s effectiveness is mostly governed by the oil. Low viscous base oils are good for low temperatures and high speeds, while highly viscous base oils are good for heat and high loads. Thickener has anything to do with lubrication. The grease’s water resistance is determined by the thickener’s water – resistant.

How versatile the NIA bearing regarding their use?

Use of INA bearing in multiple industries and machines is common. INA and FAG are the best distributors. Our bearings are being used in Airframe or aircraft controls, Automobiles, Clinical, Miniature, Dentists, Defense Agribusiness, Aerospace, Ball screw support. Gadget, Sports,   Pumps, Basic consumer goods these are the some of the special applications for INA bearing.

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