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Large capacity roller bearings that can handle radial loads? we have them! Come and enjoy the limelight with our four row cylindrical roller bearings. These bearings are suitable for use in the backup rolls of rolling mills and can carry much more weight than two- or three-row bearings. So why wait? Add one of these bearings to your cart today!

The Next Generation of Heavy-Duty Cylinders

Manufacturing a four-row cylindrical roller bearing is not an easy task, but it’s well worth having a bearing that can handle the toughest jobs. To make one, you need to have the right equipment.

We start by building a cage that supports the inner ring, then a series of rollers, and finally a cover ring. To make the cover ring more durable, we used a material similar to the roller composition on its surface. The difference is that we just keep adding more rollers and cages until we get to four rows.

First, you need to grind and polish the heated steel rod to perfection. These will be used to make your inner and outer rings, as well as your rollers. Once they’re all ground, they’re placed in a pressure chamber, which inflates them so they fit more tightly together when pressed.

Next, the rollers are lined up into the inner ring, and the outer ring is put into place. The entire assembly is then placed under intense pressure in a high temperature environment to fully fuse it together.

Finally, let the freshly cast bearings cool down to set up properly, and then do a final quality control check before shipping!

This makes this type of bearing ideal for use in heavy machinery where the bearing is subject to a lot of stress. Multiple rows of rollers help distribute stress evenly throughout the bearing.

Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
A Favourite of Many, The Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

A Favourite of Many, The Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The best bearings are four-row cylindrical roller bearings, which are a smart choice for loads spanning environments such as agriculture, manufacturing and construction. Their high load capacity and relatively small size make them ideal for use in areas where large diameter cylindrical roller bearings may not be practical.

These bearings are ideal for heavy loads requiring resistance in multiple directions, including loads that force the bearing to rotate. Due to the eccentricity between the outer and inner rings, these bearings are also suitable for applications where preload needs to be adjusted.

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are capable of otherworldly elegance, providing endless stability and support. For example, these can be used with balls to reduce friction on surfaces as they move relative to each other.

If you want your axles to turn smoothly, four-row cylindrical roller bearings will keep your axles turning smoothly.

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Machine Bearing
Different shapes & features make them suitable for different machines.
Four Row Taper Roller Bearing
They can hold up against a fair amount of weight.
Rolling Mill Bearing
Specifically designed for use with non-ferrous metals.
Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

Special Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings


Installing a four-row cylindrical roller bearing may seem intimidating, but just follow the right steps and you’ll have the job done in no time.

First, determine if your bearings are tapered bore or straight. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings with tapered bores must be mounted on tapered housings using either an adapter sleeve or a withdrawal sleeve. They can also be mounted on cylindrical seats with locking rings, which is more difficult but possible. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings with straight bores can be mounted directly on cylindrical seats or on tapered shafts using locknuts, lock rings, taper sleeves and other methods.

The first step in installing most four-row cylindrical roller bearings is to install the inner ring (the smaller diameter inner ring). Once this is done, the outer ring can be installed using a wrench or similar tool, tightening it in place. Once these steps are complete, it’s time to install your new four-row cylindrical roller bearing!

Clean for Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Clean for Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing

To keep a four-row cylindrical roller bearing in good working order, you need to pay attention to its cleanliness. You should clean it to remove dirt or other foreign matter that may be adhering to the surface. Cleaning also helps prevent four-row cylindrical roller bearings from wear and corrosion, which can shorten their service life.

To clean the bearing, you first need to disassemble it. Depending on your setup, this may require removing the bearing from the device it’s installed on. Once this is done, look carefully at all parts of the bearing and carefully remove any residue you come across. This can include anything from dust and lint to metal shavings and confetti. Your goal is to remove as much of this material as possible.

Next, you’ll want to wash the bearing with soap and water, especially if it has oil or grease on it. You can use a soft cloth, but be careful not to rub too hard to avoid damaging the surface of the four-row cylindrical roller bearing. Then rinse off any residue with clean water and dry thoroughly with dry air or a towel (do not use compressed air as this can damage the bearings).

Once your four-row cylindrical roller bearing is clean and dry, you can re-grease it with fresh grease before reinstalling. This will help ensure your bearings run smoothly and last a long time.

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The use of four-row cylindrical roller bearings

Perfect Multi-Purpose Bearing

Four row cylindrical roller bearings are very useful once you know how to use them. Here are some ways you can use them.

The most common use is probably large industrial washing machines. If a machine has a large roller and can handle a lot of weight, four-row cylindrical roller bearings are usually the best choice to support it.

However, four-row cylindrical roller bearings are not only used in heavy industrial applications. You can also find them in smaller machines, such as those used for churning ice cream at your local ice cream shop. As with larger machines, the heavy rollers in ice cream machines need to be supported by four-row cylindrical roller bearings.

Because they are so durable, you may find that four-row cylindrical roller bearings are also used in various types of construction equipment and vehicles.

These bearings can handle heavy loads and high speeds, so they are ideal for steel mills that require rapid rotation of the rolls. They help protect the drum from the effects of continuous use, which can degrade the surface of the drum over time. Bearings prevent wear so the rollers can be replaced when needed without having to replace all components.

Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Superior Performance
Superior Performance
Their load-carrying capacity is much greater.
Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Perfect for Mills
Perfect for Mills
Designed specifically for use in backup rolls in rolling mills.
Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Durable
Can keep your machinery running smoothly for years to come.
Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Precision Engineering
Precision Engineering
Ensure smooth, reliable operation under the most extreme conditions. 

Choosing a Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing? you better do 

If you’re in the market for a four-row cylindrical roller bearing, you might be asking yourself, “How do I choose the right one?” If you’re wondering which bearings to get, I’ve got some tips for you below.

  1. Find out if you need a separable or non-separable type: the separable type has cages and spacers between the rows of rollers for easy assembly and disassembly, while the non-separable type has no spacers between the rows of rollers.
  2. Look at the type of loads your bearing will be carrying: if it needs to handle axial loads, you will need a double direction thrust bearing. Otherwise, if it’s just going to carry radial loads, you’ll need a one-way thrust bearing.
  3. Check your mounting requirements: If your four-row cylindrical roller bearing requires a tight or interference fit to the shaft and housing, make sure this is part of your evaluation process.
  4. Make sure you’re looking for the right size bearing: Cylindrical roller bearings come in a variety of sizes, so you need to make sure you’re looking for the right option for your application.
  5. Consider any special features or options your application may require: Some four-row cylindrical roller bearings have special features that your specific application may require, such as seals or lubricants.

Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are a good choice when you need to keep a motor or other machine spinning fast. Use these tips to choose the best four-row cylindrical roller bearing for your application. You should do your research and shop around to find a supplier who can offer the best price for your chosen bearing.

There are many types of roller bearings and can be found in all walks of life

Industries today use four-row cylindrical roller bearings more than any other type of bearing. They can be used in everything from internal combustion engines and water pumps to marine engines and general machinery.

Here’s something – maybe you already know this, but if not, I’ll bet you didn’t know it – about those four-row bearings: they can be used for a wide range of applications, such as those listed above. That’s why these bearings have the potential to be used in many different industries. They are very versatile, which makes them easy to use, but at the same time, they are not as cost-effective as ball bearings or hybrid bearings, so I believe they will only become more popular in the future. Also, four-row bearings have a low friction coefficient, which means that they can withstand heavy loads. This is important because heavy loads can cause damage to any bearing, but it is especially important in four-row roller bearings since they have no lubrication system and do not have any kind of seal. You can customize these bearings with different external components to suit your needs today and tomorrow, which is something that you cannot do with ball bearings.

If you need four-row cylindrical roller bearings for your application, then I recommend that you contact a reputable bearing supplier who can help you select the right bearing for your application and budget. There are many different types of four-row cylindrical roller bearings on the market, so you better choose the right one for your application.

Four Cylindrical Roller Bearings Make For A Rollin’ Smooth Ride

You may be wondering why four-row cylindrical roller bearings are so important for the performance of machinery and equipment.

Well, I’ve got a few reasons for you.

While they can handle high loads just fine, four-row cylindrical roller bearings are also great for a whole bunch of other stuff. This is important because high load carrying capacity means that the bearings can support heavy loads for long periods of time without degradation to the bearing’s performance. That’s right—even if your machinery or equipment is being used in an environment with high temperatures and moisture levels, these four-row cylindrical roller bearings are gonna keep your stuff running smoothly. And that kinda rule.

Secondly, these bearings have a good combination of rigidity and bending strength. Basically, they’re tough as nails when it comes to having to carry around big ol’ weights like they ain’t nothing but a thang. But they’re also flexible when you need ’em to be! This makes them great for applications where there may be some slight misalignment present, like with gearboxes or conveyors.

Lastly, these bearings are really easy to install and remove from the shafts of machinery and equipment. I mean, you don’t need any special tools or anything—you can just grab yourself one of those I hope that this article has given you some insight into four-row roller bearings and their potential uses. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Looking for an Exceptional Quality of Cylindrical Roller Bearings? Here is Our Recommendation

In the world of cylindrical roller bearings, it’s important to note that there are many options available. But what if you want something better than the best? What if you want a superior quality bearing that ensures your machinery is running at its peak performance level?

If you’re looking for exceptional quality of four-row cylindrical roller bearings, look no further. We’ve got you covered with TotalBearings.

TotalBearings is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of bearings, from spherical and cylindrical to roller. They stock their products from all the major manufacturers in the world, so you know you’ll be getting a high-quality product that’s been tried and tested in real-world conditions. Plus, all of their products come with a warranty. They are awesome at customer service; they will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re happy with your purchase and that you get what you need to ensure job satisfaction.

You can easily browse their website and find exactly what you need: whether it is a single cylindrical bearing or a complete set of cylindrical roller bearings. TOTALBEARINGS knows you don’t want to buy a product and wait weeks for it to arrive. That’s why they now have a large inventory of cylindrical roller bearings available. In fact, they have shipping locations all over the world, so your order can be shipped instantly.

What Kind of Machinery Uses a Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing?

There are different names for bearings, depending on how they are used. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are commonly used in heavy machinery such as tractors and snow blowers. It’s an excellent choice for high-load support — it can carry a lot of weight — but it can’t take a lot of force to push or pull on the shaft. They are ideal for applications that require rotation or oscillation at low to moderate speeds. Therefore, in general, anyone who needs a strong and durable bearing that can withstand high pressures should consider a four-row cylindrical roller bearing.

How Does a Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Work?

A four-row cylindrical roller is a machine part where you put the outer part on top of the inner part and put the roller in between. The purpose of this bearing is to provide highly rigid, stable support for heavy loads while allowing smooth rotation.

Four-roller cylindrical roller bearings are capable of handling heavy loads in all directions and can do so at high speeds and low wear. Because of their high load-carrying capacity in both directions, these bearings are commonly used in gearboxes, speed reducers and other heavy machinery. Also, the rollers in cylindrical roller bearings are on average shorter than those in other types of rolling element bearings, so they are often used in high speed applications.

How Often do I have to Replace My Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing?

Roller bearings should be inspected regularly for wear and damage. Depending on the application, roller bearings may need to be replaced annually to never. In general, if rolling bearings are used in slow speed or intermittent applications, they may never need to be replaced. If rolling bearings are used in high-speed or continuous applications, they may need to be replaced more frequently.

What Are the Big Differences—Were Talking Both Mechanical and Design Qualities here—Between 4-row over other Kinds of Roller Bearings?

It depends on what you mean. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are similar to traditional ball or tapered roller bearings, except that the arrangement of the rollers is different. While there are similarities between other bearings, there are some key differences between them.

First, a four-row cylindrical roller bearing has twice as many rows of rolling elements as other types of bearings. This gives them a higher load carrying capacity than other bearing types. In addition, the extra roller row provides greater stability and stiffness, allowing for higher running speeds and more precise shaft alignment.

Another key difference is that four-row cylindrical roller bearings have higher misalignment tolerances than other bearing types.

Can a Four-row Cylindrical Roller Bearing Be Used in the Same Application as a Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing?

Yes. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings can be used as double-row bearings. However, this is not recommended as it will not provide the same level of performance. Four-row cylindrical roller bearings are designed to carry heavier loads and dissipate heat more efficiently than double-row bearings. Therefore, if your application does not require these features, a double row bearing would be a better choice.

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