Brand Story
S=Safe L=Long G=Grow R=Roll

Original Intention & Industry Experience

Only 1 Original Intention: To help customers choose the right bearing, from size to clearance
Rolling in more than 50 industries
Now have more than 100 customers
Have serviced over 30 countries

Safe + Long + Grow + Roll = SLGR

At the beginning of our brand creation, there were many arguments, but in the end we unified our ideas. We are a positive company. To create this brand, we must sit on a great cause and contribute to all mankind.

S is the abbreviation of safe. Bearings are the blood of industry. There is no doubt about the importance of safety. From the perspective of users, imagine that this machine is running happily. It sings happily and turns round and round. Suddenly the bearing breaks and the machine stops running. Lead to production accidents, this is absolutely unacceptable. So we put safety first.

L stands for long. When I was little, all products were durable. Even if it is broken, grandma always has a way to mend it. The cracked pot was repaired by grandma with glue; the clothes with holes, grandma used needle and thread to mend it. The current product, I don’t know what’s wrong, can’t be used for a long time. Even if it is broken, there is no repairman. It seems that they like to replace it with a replacement. And is this really what people like? Whether for cost reasons or for environmental protection, it seems that we should stick to long-termism. Durable long-time useable bearings are what we should really pursue.

G stands for grow,  whether it is our dealers or our users, helping you achieve sales growth and helping you achieve production capacity growth is what we most want to see and what we strive for. We deeply understand that we can only grow by helping our customers achieve growth, and growth is the magic weapon for us to gain a place in the market.

R is roll, the wheel of time rolls forward, time is the only fair thing in this world. The bearings we sold are rolling one by one, using time to magnify their lives infinitely, keep rolling, bearings, keep rolling, this beautiful era, keep rolling, people of the earth.

Extension and Development

  1. Now our company involves many series of bearings. We are equipped with technical engineers at the top of each product. We make the research and development of each product to the extreme and help various customers to design the products suitable for their countries.
  2. Our brand will go to the orphanage every October to help children solve the problems of life in the department. We are a company with social responsibility. We will definitely give back the profits we earn from the society. After our various discussions and attempts , We believe that children are the future, they must be the support of our society, a strong youth makes a strong country, our China is a proud country of famous people, and now China is the world’s factory, we must take responsibility, so we finally chose to part of the company The profits solve children’s problems in a way that gives back to the community.
  3. The original intention of our establishment of the SLGR brand was to solve the founder’s preferences, but we extended a lot of responsibilities later, which is also the cogwheel of destiny driving our progress. We put the social responsibility on ourselves. In the end, we will pay a lot and get more, and every hard work will be rewarded. We are not only a business empire, but also an enterprise shouldering the mission of the times.未命名的设计-2022-08-16T152937.266.jpg

Mission Vision Values

To be the No. 1 enterprise in the industry
To become a century-old enterprise, the company can cultivate the top talents in the industry
Strive for the happiness and development of human beings
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