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Wherever there are machinery, there are bearings.

The bearing for sale is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance hardware solution. With its robust design, smart features, and unbeatable value, bearing definition is sure to exceed your expectations. A bearing source is more than just a bearing. It’s a whole new way of thinking about bearing meaning. We don’t just sell quality bearing, we build relationships with our customers by providing the best possible service and support.


  • Durable metal housing
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Seamless integration with existing systems


  • Increased productivity
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Improved security and data protection
  • Extended hardware life

For the bearing types, we carry a large selection of bearings in many different categories, including automotive and industrial bearings. We also offer custom-bearing solutions with a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for standard or high-performance bearings, you can buy bearings from us. TOTALBEARINGS is the best bearing company and carries the best bearing in the world.

Bearing Modern Produce

To produce bearing supply, small workshops will choose to use semi-automatic or low-precision equipment, or even simply assemble the bearing ring, steel ball, and inner ring, regardless of its accuracy and service life, not to mention the percentage of testing equipment purchased to ensure the high quality of the product. We call it an amateur bearing workshop. Standard bearing manufacturers should have at least the following types of production equipment: CNC Grinder (Internal and Raceway), Superfinishing Machine, Centerless Grinding Machine, Cold Rolling Machine. High level bearing manufacturing must have Quenching Equipment and Heat Treat Equipment. Besides manufacturing machinery, bearing testing instruments are also crucial. Only high-quality products that pass the inspection can flow to the market, which is the principle of TOTALBEARINGS. The following testing instruments are available from all regular bearing manufacturers: Noise and Vibration Testers, simulation testing machine, High-temperature Durability test machine, Mud/Brine test machine,

While high-end manufacturers will use these equipments: Waviness and roundness analyzer, Grease test rigs, Rotary fatigue testing instrument, reload test, torque testing, speed sensor testing, dynamic and static load capacity testing, and speed ability test machines. As a modern bearing manufacturer, TOTALBEARINGS proudly has them all, only to provide the best quality bearing wholesale to customers. With these high-precision equipment, we have achieved 100% automated production today.

Beaing morden produce
Bearing Warehouse

Over 100,000 Bearings Stock

As an enterprise dedicated to realizing a one-stop bearing service, strong inventory support is indispensable. We have a large number of warehouse stocks in China, and have been developing overseas agents to jointly establish overseas warehouses, and strive to achieve online ordering and local delivery. If you share the same ideals and aspirations with us, please contact us to get the latest bearing dealer policy and bearing market. The bearing list types currently in stock are: single row deep groove ball bearing, double row deep groove ball bearing, high temperature bearing, stainless steel bearing, ceramic bearing, miniature bearing, large bearing, medium and large bearing, single row cylindrical roller bearing, double row cylindrical roller bearing Roller bearings, four-row cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, single-row tapered roller bearings, double-row tapered roller bearings, four-row tapered roller bearings, rolling mill bearings, slewing ring bearings, spherical plain bearings , Rod end bearing, Angular contact ball bearing, Self-aligning ball bearing, Thrust ball bearing, Thrust roller bearing, Coupling, Cross shaft bearing, Outer spherical bearing, Bearing housing, Linear bearing, Roller bearing, One-way bearing, Cross Roller bearings, guide rail sliders, forklift bearings, adapter sleeves, withdrawal sleeves, lock nuts, hub bearings, clutch bearings, eccentric bearings, plastic bearings and other categories.

Bearings that are frequently purchased by most buyers

Say your needs, TOTALBEARINGS will give you a surprising service.

From mini to middle, from middle to large all available.
Single Row Tapered Roller Bearing
Used extensively in automobile transmissions.
Spherical Roller Bearing
Brass Retainer, Steel Retainer, Nylon Retainer are all available.
Thurst Spherical Roller Bearing
Models such as 29412E, 29328E
Double Row Tapered Roller Bearing
TDO and TDI design, 331, BT2B Series
Full Complement Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearing
High-capacity Cylindrical Roller Bearings, NUH, NCF Series.
Four Row Tapered Roller Bearing
TQO, TQI Design, 330, BT4 Series
Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing
3200 also 5200 Series, 3300, 5300 Series
Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing
NNU, NN, NNUP, BC2B Design Series
Slewing ring bearing
Commonly used in construction machinery such as excavators.
Total bearings

TOTALBEARINGS- An ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949 Certified Company.

Bearing Application
Bearing Application

Bearings are used to support, guide and accelerate the motion of every machine in the world. They are the essential components in a wide range of machines that cannot be done without. Bearings can be found everywhere from automotive vehicles to industrial equipment and even in household appliances.

Bearings are designed to help reduce friction and wear on moving parts while they are being used. They are designed to be extremely durable and tough, so they can withstand heavy loads and other harsh conditions. The material used in bearings is usually made out of steel or some other metal alloy, which makes them strong enough for most applications.

Bearing Production & Testing Equipment
Bearing Production & Testing Equipment

Bearing production and testing equipment is used to produce and test bearings of all kinds. This includes ball bearings, roller bearings, needle roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and many others.

The equipment used for producing and testing bearings is often complex and expensive. It can include machines that can measure the precision of the bearing’s diameter, as well as the accuracy of its inner and outer diameter. Other machines are able to test the hardness of the metal inside each bearing, as well as how much force it can withstand while spinning on its axis.



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TOTALBEARINGS Which industry are they application

Power industry bearing

Electric power: Thrust ball bearing, ceramic bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, deep groove ball bearing, slewing bearing.

Textile bearing
Textile: Eccentric bearing, needle roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, linear bearing, ceramic bearing, one-way bearing, pillow block bearing.

construction machinery bearingConstruction Machinery: Needle bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, spherical plain bearing, spherical roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, slewing ring bearing, tapered roller bearing.

Aerospace bearingAerospace: Thrust bearing, needle roller bearing, ceramic bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, deep groove ball bearing.

Machine tool bearingMachine tool:Eccentric bearing, needle roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, linear bearing, rod-end bearing, spherical bearing, thrust roller bearing.

household application bearingHousehold appliances: one-way bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, spherical bearing, ceramic bearing, deep groove ball bearing, linear bearing.

Food Machine: Stainless Steel bearing.

agricultural machinery bearingAgricultural machinery: self-aligning ball bearing, needle roller bearing, bearing bushing, deep groove ball bearing, spherical bearing.

automobile bearingAutomobile: Clutch bearing, Hub bearing, needle bearing, tapered roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, self-aligning ball bearing.

Oil industry bearingOil extraction: Thrust bearing, ceramic bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, deep groove ball bearing, eccentric bearing, slewing bearing, spherical roller bearing.

metallurgy bearingMetallurgical Industry: Spherical roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, eccentric bearing, slewing bearing, high-temperature bearing, deep groove ball bearing, tapered roller bearing, ceramic bearing, crossed shaft bearing, universal joint coupling, Cardan shaft bearing.

medical instruments bearingMedical Instruments: Linear bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, ceramic bearing, slewing ring bearing, deep groove ball bearing, tapered roller bearing, cross roller bearing, angular contact ball bearing, thrust ball bearing.

Rolling Stamping machine bearingRolling mill: cross roller bearing, self-aligning ball bearing, four-row tapered roller bearing, four-row cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, angular contact ball bearing, eccentric bearing, slewing bearing.

Reduced maintenance frequency, or even maintenance-free
Spend a dollar, get ten times the return
Do not waste resources
We are cows, eating grass and milking

Bearings Serviced in Total Industries: Mine Mining, Power Plants, Gas Turbines, Motor Plants, Printing and Packaging Machinery and Equipment, Food Industry Equipment, Plastics, Chemical Fiber Machinery, Stretching Machine, Shearing Machine, Toys, Clocks, Electronic Components, Audio-visual Materials Machinery, Textile Products, Dyeing, Shoemaking, Textile products, dyeing, shoemaking, tobacco machinery, Tobacco Machinery, Wine, Beverage Equipment, Medical equipment, Crushing, Ceramic Machinery, Biotechnology Industry, Robot and automobile Industry.

Bearing Rotating Motion Styles

1. Rotating around shaft or axle;

2. Linear motion on tracks, like moving in a drawer;

3. Spherical rotation, like a human knee.

Bearing Friction

The smaller the friction, the better the efficiency and reduce the wear, thus prolonging the service time at high speed, and better avoiding the bearing overheating and premature failure. Usually, we use lubricating oil or grease to reduce friction, and seldom add electromagnetic fields to separate rolling elements and raceway when the higher quality bearing is required. The rolling elements of the bearing are spherical balls or rollers. If the material is changed to plastic or even ceramic, then the friction force will be further reduced, of course, this will also cause a difference in cost. But for the most part, our bearings are made of chrome steel. At this time, injecting lubricating oil or grease will be the most efficient and energy-saving method. The use of electromagnetic fields to prevent contact and collision between two balls or between a ball and a track is rare. Of course, sometimes a single bearing will use a combination of the above methods to achieve the purpose of reducing friction, such as using a plastic cage.

Bearing Loads

According to the different requirements of the force direction and force itself, the radial load and axial load of the bearing can be designed.

Bearing Speed

Different bearing types themselves determine his top speed. All our bearing relative surface velocities are expressed in (m/s), revolutions per minute in (rpm). Rotary bearing performance, TOTALBEARINGS expressed as bearing diameter multiplied by revolutions per minute (DN)

Rolling bearings Speed is the fastest, followed by fluid and magnetic bearings, and plain bearings are the slowest. Their speed is ultimately decided by how much centripetal force surpasses the strength of the material.

Bearing Mounting and Maintenance

Installing bearings is a big scholarship. Good bearings plus correct installation equals longevity, while good bearings plus incorrect installation equals early scrapping. The most common mounting method is interference installation. In fact, interference assembly means that the parts assembled by mechanical equipment are larger than the diameter of the hole, which can enhance the stability and safety of the machine, etc. Generally, there are three methods for interference assembly:

1. Driving in and out(It is best to add lubricating oil at the connecting surface)
2. Pressing in and pressing out, generally requires a relatively large amount of force required by the pressure machine.
3. Hot loading, cold loading. This principle is to use the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can leave us a message.

After the mounting is completed, in the process of use, please pay attention to regular maintenance of the bearing. Usually refers to the injection of lubricating oil or grease. Now many bearings are equipped with seals, whether there are iron seals or rubber seals, which has ruled out the possibility of industrial dust or dirty water entering the inside of the bearing, which means that this type of bearing no longer needs maintenance. Like the bearings in the bearing housing and some open unsealed bearings, regular oil and grease maintenance is required.

Most of today’s modern factory machines have lubrication systems, such as automotive manufacturing, the CNC machine tool industry, that distribute oil or grease to various points on the machine bearing surfaces, journals, housings, etc. A central pump regularly delivers oil or grease to these points through the lube line. The lubrication cycle is regulated by the machine’s computer control (eg PLC or CNC) and manual override functions if necessary. Without this automation, the oil pump would need to be turned on manually or the machine would need to be lubricated daily or weekly with a grease gun, depending on how often the machine is used. At this point, some oil will spill onto the bearing surfaces, and any excess oil that is poured back into the oil pan is drained through the relief valve. Thus realizing the cycle. Bearings that are lubricated, cleaned and preload adjusted can further reduce the effects of wear so that bearing life lasts longer. For example, in rock breakers, the bearings on the conveyor are often exposed to hard abrasive particles. To keep your bearings running smoothly, it’s best to lubricate them frequently: remove some of the grit that has built up in the old oil or grease, and replace it with fresh oil or grease, extending bearing life through maintenance. Another example is wind turbine bearings, which are inconvenient to maintain due to the high nacelle and require an automatic lubrication system to complete maintenance work.

Your Local Bearing Distributors Should Do

With our local bearing distributor, you’re guaranteed to get the purest bearing distribution available. In addition, we are available around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. That means we’ll be there for you whenever you need us, no matter what time of day or night. If you want to become TOTALBEARINGS’ distributor, this work you need to do, so as to help customers realize their bearing value-added.

What is a bearing?

Bearing is a kind of standard machinery part, which can limit this component’s movement in a certain range, so as to reduce friction between related parts. There are two designs of bearings, one is to move in a straight line, the other one is to run around a fixed shaft to make the rotation. Usually, bearings are designed to reduce friction, reduce noise, and increase the load capacity(including radial load and axial load), and some are designed for special purposes, such as high-temperature resistance, friction resistance, maintenance-free, corrosion resistance, anti-vibration, high precision, electrical insulation, etc.  Bearing Category mostly according to design direction.

Why are most all bearings standard? Is there any non-standard bearing?

Bearings do have a wide range of usage scenarios and conditions. With this condition, standardized mass production can be carried out, thereby reducing production costs and maximizing benefits. Doing so can help people around the world save energy and reduce emissions, and improve the utilization rate of raw materials. At present, bearings in most countries are standardized. Occasionally, some bearing manufacturing process will use their own code to mark the bearing model. Even so, the dimensions between manufacturers can actually be interchanged. However, not all bearings are standard parts, and some special needs require customized bearings, that is, non-standard bearings. The overall proportion does not exceed 1% of the production capacity of global bearing manufacturers.

Who invented the first bearing?

According to archaeological records, the oldest bearing in China with the prototype of the modern rolling bearing structure appeared in 221-207 BC. It was not until 1937 that China’s first domestic bearing, the double row self-aligning ball bearing 1308, was born in Shanghai Qinfuxing Hardware.

What instruments are necessary for bearing quality testing?

Hardness tester, roughness tester, flaw detector, elemental analyzer, metallographic structure analyzer.

If you don’t have any instruments, then you need at least a vernier caliper. Order from TOTALBEARINGS today, a free caliper can be delivered together with your order.


What qualifications do I need if I want to import bearings?

Contact TOTALBEARINGS you will not need to prepare any information, we can deliver it to your pointed address with tax included if you are from the following regions: Germany, France, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Portugal, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Hungary, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates.

If you are not from the above regions, you can apply for import and export rights, open foreign exchange accounts, ask for TOTALBEARINGS guides, we have already proudly helped more than 10 customers start and grow their import-bearing businesses.

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