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  • Totalbearings has been in the bearing industry for 40 years
  • High trust, high dependence, high-speed development
  • Provide a cost-effective, multi-variety, full range of bearing products
  • One-stop service including sourcing and shipping.
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What we are thinking and what we are doing

Like the weather, and like an 18-year-old girl, the market is always unpredictable. We believe that only by providing high-quality bearings and selling them to users at a very low profit can they penetrate the market for a long time. We also believe that if a customer loses money because they did not buy our bearings, then it is our fault. The CEO of the company thinks about several things every day:

Are we making really good bearing?
Are we doing really high standards of work?
What kind of surprise that our customers are expecting?

Aiming at high standards, persistently pursuing and striving to achieve the goals, we will build TOTALBEARINGS into a company full of high-quality bearings and services recognized by the world.
In order to get truly high-quality bearings into the hands of all buyers in the world, we must master all aspects of bearings from production to sales and create our own brand.
Doing business is like accepting customer votes every day. Customers don’t vote for businesses that don’t care about them.
Care for customers and provide them with what they need in a form beyond the customer’s imagination.
We won’t make money without a customer’s smile, we can’t, either.
TOTALBEARINGS belongs to the customers, we only operate on behalf of you, if we lose the support of the customers, then we will be nothing.

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Bearing Manufacturing Equipments
We don't have to use the most sophisticated equipment if it's just to meet customer requirements. Every day, we make higher demands on ourselves.
  • bearing hardness test
  • bearing roundness test
  • bearing Microstructure instrument
Bearing Testing Instrument
Even if each program works perfectly according to the settings, the final inspection is still 100% inspection, not random inspection.
  • bearing stock
  • bearing warehouse
  • bearing stock
Powerful inventory system
Conventional bearings, if not custom made, we have most of them in stock. Our dealers have local stock and can even help local customers abroad to deliver remotely.

The way to be RICH

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All bearing demands can be satisfied by TOTALBEARINGS. When you find us, you found the way to wealth.
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Over 100,000 bearings ready to ship
Cover all kinds of bearings including different styles and levels of quality. Use our resources to help you make money or save money today.


Shipping Method Commonly Used by Customers

World Courier Express
All countries available, suggested when order smaller than 45 kgs.
Air Shipping
By Air
All Air ports available, suggested when order weight between 45 kgs to 300 kgs.
Sea Shipping
By Sea
All Sea ports available, suggested when order weight more than 300 kgs.
Land Truck Shipping
By Land Transport-Truck
Europe and South East Asia available only, suggested when order not in emergency.

TOTALBEARINGS Development Path

At the beginning of China's reform and opening up, the founder resolutely resigned from the SKF China Technology Department, went to sea to start a business, and established a bearing canteen-where the dream started.
"Bearing" Weekly published the founder's story, telling about extraordinary people doing ordinary things and helping more ordinary people. A large number of workers were laid off and unemployed, and TOTALBEARINGS began to provide jobs for the unemployed, ensuring the warmth of families.
After the return of Hong Kong, our bearings came to Hong Kong for the first time and saw the prosperity of Hong Kong's trade. Since then, frequent exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland have begun.
The global financial turmoil swept through, and the company was almost on the verge of bankruptcy. Thanks to the full support of our old customers, we stood up in the predicament.
Launched a new brand SLGR to serve more bearing shops and dealers.
Acquired the shares of the original Jiangsu No. 1 Bearing Factory, which further improved the quality assurance of bearings.
The largest dealer broke through the annual sales mark of 10 million yuan.
Due to the epidemic, the offline business of bearings began to move online, and vigorously expanded overseas markets and developed distributors.
Achieving the goal of sales of 200 million US dollars, and the number of dealers exceeds 1,000.

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