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7*24 service
7*24 Service
Totalbearings is always here to support your bearing business.
Save cost
Save your cost
Get better bearing rates to reduce your cost and boom your bearing business.
24h delivery
24 Hours Delivery
Let Totalbearings handle your order in 24 hours when an emergency order is needed.

What is Totalbearings's philosophy?

Whether you are a production factory or a bearing distributor or a bearing retailer or a bearing online store seller, you can benefit from our company.

As the best bearing supplier in China, we have multi solutions for your bearing requirements.

If you are a production factory who will need to assembly bearings with your machines or replace bearings, you will be provided with the most suitable quality bearings according to your application scenarios, and will not let you buy high-quality bearings that exceed your requirements, thereby reducing your production costs, and also Will not let you buy too cheap low-quality bearings, so as not to cause unnecessary downtime losses.

If you are a province or a city-bearing distributor, you will be supported with different quality and brand bearings to help you service your different levels of clients.

totalbearings warehouse

Worlds best bearing source with all kind of bearing stocks

To service dear customers at the fastest speed, we built a great warehouse to stock bearings, so as to ship your required bearings in 24 hours. Inside of the bearing warehouse, there is all sourcing of bearing stock, with all kinds of bearings, over 9,000 types. Import bearing from Totalbearings is your right choice. No matter bearings from the top 10 bearing manufacturers in China or worldwide, Totalbearings has it! Based on this, Totalbearings becomes the world’s best-bearing source. Now we looking for more bearing dealers and distributors to cooperate with us, and build your local bearing stocks together!

Most Popular Bearings in the world

Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Deep groove ball bearings are the most often seen and widely used bearing type.
Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Mostly are used in heavy radial loads applications while also having good performance in high-speed rotating.
Angular Contact Ball Bearing
Contact angles are suitable for applications that require high precision and high-speed rotation and can receive combined loads.
Spherical Roller Bearing
Bear responsibility in heavy radial and axial loads, often assembly in Bearing Unit(Pillow Block), along with adapter sleeve.
Tapered Roller Bearing
A regular bearing. Often in the Inch and metric dimension. Cup and Cone are separated
Needle Roller Bearing
An often seen bearing. Often in the Inch and metric dimension, Cup and Cone are separated.
Pillow Block Bearing
Also name Split bearing unit.
Slewing Bearing
A standard type of swivel bearing, which is easy to handle and widely used.

China's highest bearing manufacturing equipment and level

  • High Standard High standards bring high benefits, refer to the production equipment of SKF, the world’s best bearing manufacturer
  • Senior Talents Senior technicians are the first productive forces, excellent engineers use their experience and technology to ensure the longest design life and lowest noise of bearings
  • Professional Team Whether it is the front-end sales team or the back-end logistics warehouse team, they are all time-tested masters, and they are a group of people who serve customers with sincerity and heart
Factory Bearing machine
Boom Your Bearing Business Today
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Why totalbearings is Your best China Rolling contact bearing supplier

Totalbearings believes that in order to do one thing well, the most important thing is to be attentive and with a sincere attitude. Because of the intention and sincerity, the attitude of the whole company from top to bottom makes us invincible and constantly grow in exploration. Because we have a mission in us, a vision, and values in our hearts.

Totalbearings vision
Become a long-time bearing industry-leading company.
Totalbearings mission
Let global customers achieve continuous value-added; Let the life of Totalbearings's partners continue to improve; Contribute to the promotion of human development.
Totalbearings Value
Bravery in the rapids, God rewards diligence, The best is like water and the great virtue.
Italy visitor
Italy Brand owner visited us

RKB Europe SA, which is a famous bearing brand in Italy heavy engineering application, the owner of RKB brand visited our company to make cooperation in OEM bearings.

Indonesia customer visit
Indonesia contractor negotiate order details

PT Surya Semesta Internusa Tbk is one of the Top 3 construction contractors in Indonesia, they have cooperated with us for years. When their foundation engineering work needs bearings they will contact us for inquiry.

shipping company visiting
Logistics companies send representatives to negotiate long-term freight cooperation

In the daily business process, there are always many bearings and other products that need our company to arrange freight export. Customers always want us to help them deal with transportation, customs clearance, import tax, and other matters, and we are also happy to help customers realize the experience of group delivery without exporting. Therefore, we invited shipping companies to our company to discuss in-depth cooperation in transportation, in order to provide all customers with the best quality, safest, fastest and most economical logistics, and transportation services.

Germany Buyers confirm Order at Totalbearings

AWT is a Germany Bearing Shop Owner, most advantages in lift bearings. They come to us ordering list bearings and other commonly seen bearings, due to trust TOTALBEARINGS in quality.

1st step: Establish a buying and selling relationship; 2nd Step: Become the sole agent

One Country one sole agent is our final policy. Before that, you can start with a city distributor, then upgrade to be a province dealer, your destiny is to be a sole agent in your country.

1.Quick response
2.Low MOQ Support
3.No deposit required on delivery
5.door to door
6.Customs clearance guidance

The benefits of being a sole agent

Both Bearing Agents and Distributors/Dealers are Available.

1.Retain Greater Price Control
2.New Products Priority
3.OEM Min Order Quantity Support
4.Local Customers Push
5.Cost of Maintenance Parts Supply
6.Exhibition Double Head
7.Link Show on Official Website
8.Technical Support Priority
9.Quotation Support Priority
10.Phone Call Priority
11.Authorized Sole Agent in Your Country and Area
12.Free Maintenance Parts
13.Free Business Gifts with Your Logo
14. Retain the Financial Risk of Stock

Clients Good Reviews

  • I am vertuo coffee machine Producer in Canada, the delivery is always fast and the bearing is good. Exceptional service. Thank you. When bearings arrived, every time received in order and packed well.
    Whitney Perry
  • I am a sugar factory project contractor in Thailand, all the bearing housings and bearings used in my sugar factory projects are provided by TOTALBEARINGS. We have been working together for 15 years and hope our collaboration will continue.
    from Thailand
  • I am an auto parts dealer, TOTALBEARINGS started supplying us automobile bearings ten years ago, we order bearings once a quarter, and we can get the goods in normal 50-day shipping. Thank you very much for the logistics service provided by your company, we are very satisfied.
    Félix Seeraj
    from Guyana
  • We are a cement company in Mexico, the bearings from TOTALBEARINGS is running well in our machine.
    Fidel Gutierrez
    from Mexico
  • We are a state-owned enterprise in Bangladesh, we are in the field of agricultural machinery, TOTALBEARINGS offered enough quality to us, our Finance likes them very much because they can accept our L/C at sight terms.
    from Bangladesh
  • We are an electronic company, all our ball bearings are imported from TOTALBEARINGS and they helped us dealing with import documents, bearings directly ship into our warehouse and then into the production line, save time and cost very well.
    Tony Trojten
    from Indonesia
  • Our company is ELKON Concrete Batching Plants, brand ELKONELKON. We use TOTALBEARINGS since 2009, till now we are satisfied with the quality and service, every time they give us a surprise and the CEO is very happy working with them.
    from Ukraine
  • We are ENGEL MACHINERY INC from the United States. We produce injection molding machines, hydraulic and electric machines, 60% bearings from TOTALBEARINGS and we will enlarge the Supplier supply ratio in the next year.
    from USA

Other product recommendations where customers often make money

spark plug

Consumable parts, high repurchase rate

cardan shaft

The scope of application is the same, and bearings must be used where the drive shaft is used to quickly expand your sales。

bearing assembly tool

Matching tools, which can be given as gifts to big buyers, or sold as a set, which is convenient for customers and expands sales at the same time.


Transmission bearing supporting products, customized according to customer requirements.


Industrial adhesives, thread fasteners, many factories need to use.

bearing heater

Bearing heating tool, to be used before bearing installation. Especially large bearings.

  • SLGR
  • ST
  • fag
  • iko
  • ina
  • koyo
  • nachi
  • nsk
  • ntn
  • skf
  • timken

Commonly Asked Questions

How to choose the best bearing supplier in China?

*Your Bearing supplier should be able to offer all kinds of bearings and ship in 24 hours to any port of China and then give you a bill of lading in 72 working hours.

*Your Bearing supplier should provide the best shipping solution possible.

*Your bearing supplier should provide competitive rates and good service.

*Your bearing supplier should have the ability to take responsibility.

*Your bearing supplier should be able to communicate smoothly with all related people involved in the order procedure.

*Your bearing supplier should provide enough service like door-to-door service, pay tax and do custom paperwork, customs clearance on behalf of you.

*Your bearings supplier should respond to you immediately when an emergency happened.

*Your bearing supplier can handle urgent orders when you needed.

For brand bearings, how to avoid fake SKF bearing?

*You have to choose a bearing distributor which is authorized by SKF Corporation. Totalbearings is an authorized dealer of SKF.

*You should check all barcode if it is correct because most fake bearing suppliers cannot provide the right barcode.

*You should check the bearing structure compared to the original SKF bearing itself.

Bearing price changes frequently, how to solve this?

*Bearing price will be changed according to raw material price changing and have a relationship to the international situation, so it is difficult for bearing importers, exporters, factories, suppliers, and distributors to calculate the batch cost. You’d better lock in a stable bearing rate with your bearing supplier for the whole year or a certain period.

How does totalbearings make sure can delivery bearing in time in peak season?

*Totalbearings keeps a large amount of inventory of frequently ordered bearing numbers and prepares 2-3 months in advance for customers who often cooperate, thus ensuring the supply of existing customers and ensuring that there is enough production capacity to meet the upcoming orders of new customers.

How does totalbearings control and cut bearing costs?

To control bearing costs, totalbearings are always quantity in exchange for price advantage. For example, if a bearing costs $100 when ordering 100 pcs, then we enlarge the quantity to 1,000 pcs to get a better price, so as we can offer best cost bearings to our clients and you can just benefit it from this model.

Why totalbearings have so many bearing stock, how do you have so much money to reserve them?

Totalbearings has been accumulated for 40 years and has experienced two generations. The founder of the group owns the shares of Hong Kong Bank and Agricultural Bank of China, with the support of the bank behind it, so it can have enough credit to obtain more bearing stocks.

If i import from you, what kind of service can i get?

*Totalbearings will offer you a quick response service and will update you on every step of bearing production. You will get photos and videos then you can see how your bearing proceed and know every step of your order proceed.

*If you don’t like to do custom paperwork, we can do it for you.

*If you want to promote your products, we can help you with advertising and gifts.

If order arrived with broken bearings, how can i get compensation?

*Totalbearings will take care of every buyer’s order, nevertheless, due to a large number of international transportation links, there may still be some problems that some goods are damaged due to bumps in transportation. Although this probability is only as low as 1 in 10,000, we will take responsibility. We will provide urgent delivery services for new bearings, which can be directly picked up from your local cooperative agent, or sent to you by express delivery from China. If you want to get a refund, we will meet it immediately and provide a backup fund for your next order to use.

Does your factory have the ability to produce the best quality bearings in the world?

Totalbearings believes that the right is the best. Please tell us which industry you will apply these bearings to, and you will be suggested with the right quality bearings at the most cost-effective costs.

Does your company offer the most kinds of bearings in the world?

Totalbearings has more than 90,000 kinds of bearings in stock and also have various sources from other bearing manufacturers and suppliers, which not only from China mainland, also Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, USA, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Korea, Italy, Austria, Australia and we are continually committed to increasing relevant channels.

Can you guarantee the quality of bearings?

Sure, high quality gives us the confidence to do business with your company. Long-term cooperation is what we need most instead of short-term cooperation.

How do your company deal with the problem on quality?

We have 40-year experience in the bearing field. High quality and surprising service earn us a great reputation. We will have a detailed analysis of the problem. If our bearings are unqualified, we will deal with the problem according to the contract. You have no need to worry about the following problem. You will get great service from our team.

The price of your bearings are too high, can you give me discount?

After you know about our bearings, you will judge whether our bearings are expensive or not. Actually, the price is reasonable, which is based on quality. In the shared market, other bearings in the same grade are not cheaper than us. The quality of our bearings is match the price.

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